6 best drone apps to help you fly a drone


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For many flying drones has become an obsession. The modern drones have all the bells and whistles that rightfully earn them such dedicated followers. If you are not aware, those who have access to some of the best drone apps, you can double the fun of flying a drone. Understandably, amidst so many drone-related apps, you will find it hard selecting the best ones. In this article, we will introduce you to the six best drone apps, try them out, and you will appreciate this recreational activity even more.

The main reason for flying drones is for capturing breathtaking images. If you have previous experience of operating drones, you probably are familiar with some of them. Check these out, as these apps will take your aerial photography skills to the next level. If you are unsure about which drone to buy due to budget limitations, there are many Top Drones under 1000, so check them out.

  1. AirMagic

AirMagic is a must-have app of every drone enthusiast. Bid farewell to the painstaking job of editing those aerial photos you clicked. This app will perform the necessary edits flawlessly. For the unversed, AirMagic is a unique AI-powered app for beautifying the images clicked by a drone. The app rectifies blurry photos, enhances the sky, makes the details more revealing, and adjusts the shadows. The best part, it is incredibly easy to use the app, as you just need to drag and drop the images you need to edit.

  1. PhotoPills

A professional photographer will prefer an app that has a wide array of features; PhotoPills can be the best choice. Rest assured, this app will give wings to your creative ideas. You can expect the picture to come out exactly as you want it to be. There is the option of placing things you intend to put in the photos, and PhotoPills will do the work for you. Simultaneously, it comes with a Planner, which lets you share your photos with the world. What more! By so, you are in the run for winning up to $6,000, via PhotoPills awards. Make sure you include this app to your kitty.

  1. PolarPro

PolarPro is a familiar name to many. It is renowned for several drone accessories that take your aerial photography to great heights. The app, on the other hand, lets you choose the best filter for enhancing the shutter speed. The idea is to double the frame rate. It is a handy feature when you are shooting on tough weather conditions. The upgraded app includes live wind and weather forecasts too.

  1. UAV Forecast

Not all drones are capable of sustaining rough weather conditions. Thus, an app that can predict the weather forecast beforehand can be of great help. UAV Forecast is a useful app that intimates you on the weather conditions. Accordingly, you will know when it is safe to fly the drone. The app notifies you about wind speed, direction, and temperature. Furthermore, it also tells you if it is going to rain, or if the conditions will remain cloudy. The inclusion of a map that features various modes and reveals no-fly zones are also helpful.

  1. Hover

Hover app is another must-have app for drone lovers. It collects information on the air traffic, weather conditions, wind speed, and, most importantly, notifies you if it is safe to fly depending on your present location. The flight log feature lets you save and track flight data conveniently. Lastly, the customizable news feed notifies you with the latest news also.

  1. Kittyhawk

With Kityyhawk, you get a comprehensive drone app that genuinely fulfills your expectations. It will help you in several aspects that include flight logging, live streaming, fleet management, pre-flight planning, and also getting the rather necessary FFA approval. As you can expect, it will intimate you about the weather conditions, zones where you cannot fly the drone, and the present air-traffic status. The best thing about this app, it regularly keeps introducing newer and better features to make your drone flying experience better. Even though some features may require a subscription, but it is worth it.


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