Clean Master APK 7.4.6 Download | Latest Version [21.7MB]

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Clean Master APK name itself emphasizes as a Cleaner. This is an application that is able to make one’s Android phone always clean and well-functioning. Due to its number of improving features, users can remove cache from the Android device and entirely clear the history of the phone.

clean master apk

How to Download and Install Clean Master APK

Clean Master APK 7.4.6 Download [21.7MB]

APK NameClean Master
Latest Versionv7.4.6
Android VersionAndroid 6.0+
  1. First, get Download the clean master apk.
  2. Click, open the device settings. Go to security settings and put a tick on the “Unknown sources” option. If you miss this step, you will get an error message as the installation is blocked.clean master apk latest version
  3. Then open the downloaded clean master apk. You may find it from the Downloads folder and from the notification panel.clean master apk download
  4. There, click on the “install” option. You will see all the required access permissions just above the install option. By tapping on the install button, you agree with them all.clean master for android
  5. Now it’s all done.

What is Clean Master APK?

Clean Master APK is an application that each and every Android tool should possess. With this installed, users can clean the unwanted files in the device for threats such as privacy threats and malware threats, users can lock the apps and also enhance the device.

clean master apk features

Amongst the various features, Users identify the Clean Master APK as the task killer, that allows any user to remove any unwanted program that runs in the background and contribute the tool to work slowly, and the remaining file cleaner, that clear all the remaining files of the uninstalled applications. Another interesting feature that allows users to clear the browsing and history of calls and maintain the programs which are installed on the tool.

This cleaning application is a quite very helpful program in maintaining the tool always clear and improved. This application makes your device quicker, faster and a better device rather than freeing up the memory and space.


  • Clean Master APK aids everybody to identify the remaining files even in uninstalled applications. This application makes users aware of the cache files which include thumbnail cache files and others. And also, it can identify the old Application files that could be removed from the tool. Hence, users do not need the already installed respective file. Although everybody is able to manually clean the unwanted files, at once, it is not a possible factor. However, with this application, it is very easy to remove unwanted and unnecessary files in one click.
  • Users can enhance the Killing applications running in the background that are not needy in improving.
  • After you install the clean master APK, users should not pay attention to an app locker for their device. Because the only thing a user should do is to enable the app lock feature in the application for the particular applications.
  • The clean master APK can secure the device by scanning and identifying possible threats. However, it is not a real antivirus solution. But it protects the device.
  • Another great feature is the cooldown of the CPU. When many programs are running on the device continuously, the device gets heated up. The device gets cool and comes to the normal temperature when these background programs get stopped. Therefore, Clean Master only allows users to kill or stop the resource-intensive processes, which are the reasons to reduce the temperature of the device. This is the principle behind the cooling of the CPU.
  • The clean master also added a novel feature to make your notification zone clean clear. There are possible chances that users’ notification zone may look ugly, jumble and sluggish with a number of notifications. Notification cleaner in this app, helps users to clean the notifications and even to block unnecessary notifications.
  • This app provides users a small little tool that lowers the overhead of installing another app. The iSwipe feature allows the user to launch quick shortcuts by swiping via the bottom of the screen.
  • If the you Android app manager is not sufficient, users can go for the option clean master APK. There is an app manager in this application. Users can try for that option to manage the installed applications.
  • Also, work as a battery saver too.
  • The clean master provides notification on the screen when charging the device. The screen looks fabulous during charging the device.

Safety and Legality

This app is a safe app and everybody can use it and no legal issues regarding this application.

Final words

Clean Master APK is an excellent application designed to clean the cache file and clean one’s device in an effective manner. Simply this is a cleaning application. But it offers more than we think compared to other cleaning applications. There are few new features in this application such as chargemaster and battery saver. As a whole users may uninstall processes, make the RAM free, remove many cache files, secure a particular application with a password, and make the device safer using this Clean Master APK. This is the best cleaning application available up to now with wonderful features. The application cannot be replaced by any other cleaning applications yet. Clean Master APK is a safer app to use and a perfect cleaning app that no other can be substituted.

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