Google Keep Download | Latest Version [13.1MB]

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Google Keep is a handy small application that helps you to have the records and provide integration with Google Drive.

This has a very simple GUI to practice and it is colorful. These colors are really tools that let it is pretty simple to inform the personal notes separately from the work-related notes, or else note related to the family and etc. Google Keep application to manage the regular work routine of users very easily. This app does not care whether users are willing to make notes using the desktop, Android device or tablet. It just supports you and makes the work easy.

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How to Download and Install Google Keep

Google Keep Download [13.1MB]

APK NameGoogle Keep
Latest Versionv5.
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+
  1. First, get Download Google Keep apk.
  2. Click, open the device settings. Go to security settings and make a tick on the “Unknown sources” option. If you miss this step, you will get an error message as installation keep latest version
  3. Then open the downloaded Google keep apk. You may find it from the Downloads folder and from the notification keep download
  4. There, click on the “install” option. You will see all the required access permissions just above the install option. By tapping on the install button, you agree with them keep for android
  5. Now it’s all done.

What is Google Keep?

Basically, This application is a synchronized notepad that combines to Google Drive. Notes of photos, Notes of voice, and checklists are also supported. The short version is that Google Keep allows you to easily store your notes, photos, voice memos and checklists on Google Drive and then reach them using another web interconnected computers you are using.

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It’s perfect for speedy note-taking on the go, anybody who enjoys easy, quick note-taking applications or to-do applications, or to save on the mobile notes that you aware and you’ll need on your Android devices, such as shopping lists, addresses, phone numbers, checklists, and to-do lists, or conference call codes. Keep also allows accounts in Google Apps, because users may practice it with their own username or company account.


  • Google Keep is speedy. This application is very speedy, also with old tools. The application actually works for the devices of  Android 4.0.3 or more, however, there’s no issue with the software even with older devices that were upgraded. Making quick notes is as easy as clicking the text box at the top of the Keep window and typing, it’s great for particular times if anyone sends you a phone number or address you want to recall, However, just clicking half a dozen times to begin typing making you want to have pen and paper. The specific keys for text notes, checklists, voice notes, and images are well below the Quick Note field and inserting that of them is quite as easy. Users don’t just need to click or change views to display specific types of notes, nor do you want to switch views to see various types of notes.
  • The voice notes on Google Keep are higher than the choice. Within Google Keep, inserting voice notes is as simple as touching the microphone and talking. The software transfers the speech to text after you’re done with speaking, but it also adds the original voice recording to the file so users can play it again and listen to it again. Making short recordings in the car at the ride home keeps you from typing throughout driving, and frankly, it’s just simple and quicker to chat than typing. Google always knows how well to do voice-to-text, therefore it’s no wonder that it’s well integrated into Keep.
  •  Google Drive synchronization implies your information is mobile. If you imagine Keep’s around to live, Google Drive certainly is. Hence Keep is so deeply connected with Drive, almost anything you store will be eligible in minutes on Drive. Furthermore, if you’re having your notes on the web or your Android device, it doesn’t matter, it’s all there in a few minutes.
  • The web app on Google Keep is easy, simple, and usable. We require to put the phones down, dock them, charge them and engage in our works using the desktops when we go to our works. Only because you’re operating on a device does not imply, you’re going to have to use another to – do or note-taking application. Having the Chrome Application, and even the web application, tend it simple to start using your computer’s service the time you access your phone. What’s more, Google Keep was intended to operate better enough on both Android and the internet. Most of our beloved to – do apps work well on your mobile, but hate it on your computer, if there is no internet connection.
  •  Searching and archiving make organization totally nuts. Keep incorporates some of the old charms of Gmail into a note-taking device. Rather than just removing your checklists when you’re done with them, or removing pictures that you saved when you bought the object you’ve taken an image of, archive them rather. Should you ever want to find them again, they’ll be quickly searchable, and if you didn’t know, Google Keep has a universal search, not only for topics but also for note material.
  • The home screen app for Google Keep is excellent. The foremost program to feature a home screen widget that works well for to-dos is not the google keep application, but because Keep’s widget incorporates the notes and the capability to easily attach novel notes without first opening the app, you’ll need to have space for it on your home screen.

Safety and Legality

This application is a safe application and everybody can practice it and no legal issues regarding this application.

More About The App

Google Keep is an app that is easy and rewarding to take note of. It’s perfect for quickly getting down various notes, and also arranges them really well. However, it misses the mark in some ways, such as not providing text or notebook formatting.

It is a handy tool to have on hand anyway with Keep being secure. users can readily create and display notes, arrange them well enough and even have them synchronized with your computers.

This is the note-taking, jot-it-down-quick tool for anybody and their family when the online life is strongly linked to the Google world. The GUI is beautiful: it’s easy seeing all the notes, pictures, and to-do lists at a look as a set of colored tiles, and the style makes it almost like looking at such as a Pinterest board to check your grocery list.

Google Keep is disappointingly easy; Users only find outstanding features as you start to dig down, such as the “grab text from the picture” feature, and place-oriented or time-oriented reminder features.

Users can modify their color or add a sticker after you’ve made a note; either way, users can modify how you want to remain structured. Users can also copy your note inside the tool and can also have it as a google doc.

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