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Inshot Video Editor App is one of the best video editing apps that was ever developed specifically targeting smartphone video shooters.

This is a very compact app that has all the professional-level tools you need to edit your videos.

Inshot video editor app

You don’t have to be an expert in using the Inshot Mobile application to edit videos since this very simplified and user-friend application.

In addition to that, you don’t have to navigate through the app to find the different tools you need.

Further, this application will provide you with easy-to-understand tips on how you can use the respective features of this application.

Moreover, unlike any other video editors that are available, Inshot App has a dedicated version for PC operating systems as well.

How can a video editor like Inshot be very helpful for you?

More and more people are using their smartphone cameras to record videos every single day.

Even though recording videos on a smartphone is easier than ever before, giving some creativity to that video by editing has always been a difficult task until now.

As smartphones are getting more advanced with powerful processors, you don’t need to throw your videos on a computer to edit them like old days.

There are video editing applications that are designed to work with smartphones perfectly.

Inshot is one of those applications, and it’s one of the best you will ever find with a unique set of features.

Inshot video editor app features

Advanced editor

  • Add keyframe animations to text, PIP, and stickers.
  • Add video and photo layers above the clip and make video collage easily.
  • Chroma key tool to create green-screen videos.
  • Add a shape mask to the PIP.
  • Blend your videos with the mixtures option with Inshot App.
  • Pick any color on the screen that you want and add it to the background/text.
  • Sound effects and voice-over.
  • Filters and effects.
  • Text and stickers.
  • Canva and background.
  • Photo editor and collage.
  • Easy share option to share your videos instantly on social media after editing.

How to download Inshot App?

As mentioned above, Inshot is available for different types of operating systems and devices.

Therefore, the download and installation process is a little different from one to another.

For android users

If you are an android user, you can easily download this application on Google Play Store.

If you prefer the Inshot APK file of this app, it is also available on many websites.

For IOS users

If you want to get his application installed on an Apple I phone, or I pad, you can download this app from Apple App Store easily.

How to download Inshot on PC or MAC?

As mentioned above, this application is also available for Windows and MAC operating systems.

For Windows, you can get the Inshot Application on Microsoft Store.

For MAC, this app is easily available on the MAC App store as well.

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