Top 10 Highest Iron Rich Foods That You Can Have

Human body always controlling with the different kinds of vitamins, minerals, fats and many other numbers of ingredients. As we know that oxygen is the most important part of your body. Because without oxygen we can’t breathe and also can’t live. So today we are going to introduce the most important mineral of your body. That is called Iron. Have you ever thought how much Iron we need for our body? As well as what kind of foods are including with Iron? No doubt, there are The Top 10 Foods High in Iron.

Iron Foods

What is Iron?

Each human body needs essential varieties of minerals. So Iron is the kind of necessary mineral for the human body. Really, it is the most important ingredient because this is a basic mineral applied to transport oxygen to all the parts of the human body. So that you have to eat much of foods high in Iron. But keep in mind that overdose iron is rare. Therefore, we need to eat enough iron foods and have to consider our safe and body healthy. Normally, the body of Iron depends on the human age and gender. Which means, National Institutes of Health (NIH) endorse human needs 8 mg of iron for men and 18 mg of iron for adult women per day.

Usually, the human can’t live without enough iron. So if you wish to know the which kind of foods high in Iron, go through the below furthermore details.

Top 10  Foods High in Iron

White Button Mushrooms

white button mushrooms

White Button Mushrooms are high in iron and a great source. It is including 15% DV (2.7mg) iron and Morels (45% DV), Oyster (6% DV), Shiitake (3% DV). So this is a good food high in Iron.

Beef (Skirt Steak)


Eat the much of Beef that lets to get your healthy fix. Because Beef (Skirt Steak) consists of 52% DV (9.3mg) iron. Also, 57% Fat and 43% Protein is including with this food.  

Canned Clams

canned clams

Canned Clams is another main source of iron. Which consists 100% DV (19.6mg) iron. So you can take much of Canned Clams to get enough iron.

Fortified breakfast cereals

Fortified breakfast cereals

Fortified breakfast cereals are content in 109% DV (19.6mg) iron. Weetabix 72s – 1.35kg, Tesco Honey Nut Corn Flakes Cereal 500G, Kellogg’s Fruit Loops 285gm, and Nestle Koko Krunch is the popular fortified breakfast cereals in the market.

Large White Beans

Large White Beans

A one-cup of Large White Beans pack with the 37% DV (6.6mg) iron. So this is one of the popular food high in Iron



Soybeans are high in iron and also ideal protein source. For that, this is good food for everyone because it lets to improve your body Iron level.

Cooked oysters (Shellfish)

Cooked oysters


Cooked oysters have contained 7.83 mg of iron and also packed with nutrients. Not only that more other kinds of seafood are also high in Iron.



This is another helpful source of iron. Not only that it also high in nutrients. A half-cup serving contains 3.30 mg and it is very cheap food you can add your daily diet.



36% DV (6.4mg) iron including with the Spinach and it have a rapid cooking time.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

3.3 mg iron (19 percent DV) consist of Dark Chocolate. It also consists of vitamin A too. No doubt Dark Chocolate is a worthful source of iron.

What happens when you take too much iron from your food?

Now we know that iron is the most essential mineral in our body. But keep in mind that if your body has too many levels of iron, you may have Hemochromatosis. Normally, Hemochromatosis can drive to your organ harm. Which means if you feel too much joint pain, general weakness, weight loss, fatigue, and stomach pain then you may have Hemochromatosis. So that you have to care about your daily diet to save your health.

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