Moto Camera – Optimized for Motorola

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Motorola make very interesting and high-end smart phones like Samsung. If you visit Motorola Smart phones page, you will be able to see nice phones with unique designs and features. Many love camera app on Motorola Phones. Due to its uniqueness and ability take nice and professional looking photos and videos.

Moto Camera is only available for Motorola devices. However, you can use third party app store or Google Search to download this Android Camera app on other Android devices. Please note that this app is optimized to work with Moto devices. So, you may find some hiccups on other devices. If you like you can try other Google Camera applications like GCam, Open Camera, Camera MX and etc.

Below show some features of Moto Camera application.

Features of Moto Camera APK

  • This camera application can automatically adjust light intensity and motion to give crystal clear images and videos. This feature is not slow like other camera applications. It is really fast with zero shutter lag. That helps to capture moments without missing any.
  • Support Google Photos.
  • It captures before and after you press the capture button to take photos. So, it has multiple photos before and after the moment you want to capture. Select the best shot by removing blurry subjects, blinking eyes, and etc.
  • No need to use separate app to read bar codes. Use this camera app to read barcodes easily and quickly without a delay.
  • Comes with other features like Slow Motion videos and panorama.
  • You can tap on screen change focus and exposer. That helps to manually focus objects and exposer as you want when you are taking a photo.
  • Many camera applications do all the fun stuff automatically like auto focus, white balance, shutter speed and etc. You can use professional mode to get control over all the functions like ISO, Exposer, shutter speed, white balance and etc.
  • Use timer to take group photos when your phone not at your reach area.
  • Set flash on/off or auto for maximum light balance.
  • Use your flash as a torch.

Since this app is not intend to use on all Android phones, some features may not available on some devices. However, most of the features are available on many devices. For example, you can launch the camera application with simple twist of your wrist. It may not work properly on some devices.

Best Android TV and Fire TV app Stores

You can install Video call applications like Google Duo on Android TV devices. It is nice and easier to use video call for education purposes and others than using a phone. You can buy external camera or web camera for your TV and use any video calling application you like. Since Android TV boxes are based on Android, you can install any favorite Android camera application.

As you know you can’t install any app using default TV store like Play Store for Android TV and Amazon App Store for Fire TV. You can use alternative TV stores like FileSynced, AppLinked or UnLinked.

Unlike Aptoide TV or other alternatives AppLinked and FileSynced are user driven stores. You will find many TV stores on those apps. Any one can create store and add files. You will find many awesome TV app stores. You have to find AppLinked codes to access AppLinked stores or UnLinked stores to access Unlinked stores.

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