Mouse Jiggler – Free Mouse Simulator App for Windows OS

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Mouse Jiggler is an Interesting Windows Operating system software to create artificial mouse pointer movements.

If you have trouble with Windows OS sleep mode or Screen saver mode, you will benefit from this awesome application.

mouse jiggler

Below is an evaluation of the features and potion of the Mouse Jiggler Software application.

Benefits of Mouse Jiggler application

Many Windows computer users face trouble with the Windows operating system, sleep mode, Screensaver mode, and hibernate mode.

That is because these features of the Windows OS sometimes appear in unnecessary times.

So that, it might create certain difficulties for the computer user in many ways.

Therefore, the main objective of the Mouse Jiggler application is to simulate your mouse pointer artificially and give a signal for the MS Windows operating system that your machine has an active user.

The Mouse Jiggler software creates an automatic mouse cursor movement and indicates the Windows OS that the computer is not idling because the operating system puts the screensaver mode when it detects there is no one working on the computer.

So that, you can use this mouse pointer simulation software and get rid of that trouble.

What are the Options Available in Mouse Jiggler App?

Mouse Jiggler Application has a simple user interface, and therefore anyone can simply understand how to operate this application.

Further, you can just download and use this application without having to go through any of the registration or installation processes.

In other words, Mouse Jiggler is ready-to-go software as and when you have downloaded it on your Windows PC.

Once you have opened the .exe file, you will see that there are two options in the application dashboard.

They are known as “Jiggler” and “Zem-Jiggler.”

Let’s see the difference between these two options below.

When you choose the “Jiggler” option, Mouse Jiggler software will create an automatic mouse simulation on your PC, and you can see the Mouse pointer moving on your screen.

If you select the “zen-jiggler,” you will not be able to see any automatic mouse pointer movement on your PC.

However, the Mouse Jiggler application will signal an artificial mouse pointer movement on your PC, but you will not be able to see it.

Is Mouse Jiggler Software Free?

Yes. Mouse Jiggler application is a freeware application, and therefore you can download it and use it for free of charge.

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