Nomao APK 4.0.1 Download for Android Officially Free

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Nomao APK is a camera app that you can use to scan the people via your smartphone camera and see them without clothes. You can download this app for your Android and iOS smartphone for free.

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With the development of modern technology, mobile app developers also started to work on the next level of futuristic projects. So Nomao APK also a result of that kind of project. Normally people use the camera app on their smartphones to take photos and selfies. But here this is totally more than that. Actually, you can see people without clothes while they are wearing them. The best thing about Nomao APK is you can download this app for your Android smartphone or tablet for free.

How To Download and Install Nomao APK

APK NameNomao Camera
Latest Versionv4.0.1
Android VersionAndroid 2.3.2+

Nomao APK 4.0.1 Download

Installing Nomao APK to the Android is very easy. You don’t have to root your Android smartphone to it. Just follow the below instructions.

  1. First, download Nomao APK from the download button above.
  2. Then allow unknown sources to your device.nomao apk x ray camera
  3. After that go to the download APK file and open it.nomao download
  4. Finish the installation.nomao for android

What is Nomao APK?

Basically this is a camera app that you can easily install on your Android smartphone or tablet. Just like the other camera apps you can use Nomao APK to take your photos, selfies, and videos. So when you open this app there is nothing special, it is the same as a beauty camera app. But when you activate the hidden features you can understand that this is more than a regular camera app.

Nomao APK also called as X Ray Camera app. The reason is the user can scan the people around you to see them without clothes. The best thing is they never notice that. But many of the users wonder how this happens. Here is the explanation for that.

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There are electromagnetic waves in the world and light rays also an electromagnetic wave. So these waves have wavelengths. Our normal eyes only can see some wavelength range. But with the Nomao APK smartphone camera lens can identify a certain wavelength of light to see through the fabrics or clothes. So the app developers of this app used some secret codes to manipulate the smartphone camera lens to identify that wavelength. Therefore you can easily see people without clothes.


X Ray Camera Feature – This is the feature that the user has the ability to see through clothes. So to activate this feature you have to open the app and shake it twice. Then the X Ray Camera feature will activate. Now you have to aim for a person and you can see him or her without clothes.

Spy Camera Feature – When you activate this feature your smartphone display will go dark but the camera will be still open. You can take pictures and videos from the volume buttons. You can activate this feature from the setting of the app and deactivate it with the power button.

Safety and Legality

You can use Nomao APK in any region or country without any issues. Also, this app is free from malware. So you are safe to use this app without any hesitation.


Q. Is this available for iOS?

No. Still, developers working on that project.

Q. Does it require root permissions?

No. You don’t have to root your Android device.

Q. How to activate X ray feature?

Open the app and shake the smartphone twice. And shake it twice to deactivate it

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