Clevnote 2.20.13 Download | Latest Version [9.12MB]


ClevNote is a note-taking tool for Android operating systems, practical and efficient which allows users to mark the needy information in everyday life. This is a very perfect writing application that developed to take all kinds of notes such as shopping lists, bank account details, birthdays, and other small notes. It has a drop-down menu … Read more

Stitch & Share XAPK 3.7.0 Download | Latest Version [4.6MB]

stitch & share

Stitch & Share application is an application that can capture long screenshots and share with friends and family or else keep it with you by saving to the device. Moreover, users can highlight the messages you truly like or conceal them if there are things you don’t need others to see. Have you at any … Read more

AlarmDroid 2.4.8 Download | Latest Version [7.85MB]


AlarmDroid is a Simple application. You will have the option to set any notification for the timer such as vibrate, despite the fact that the best thing is always to choose whatever song you have memorized. The capacity to put a widget that will let you know precisely what time the diverse activated alarm timers … Read more

Nox Security 1.7.6 Download | Latest Version [26.81MB]

nox security

Nox Security is a free and Professional antivirus application. On the off chance that you need an application to keep your phone & privacy make sure about and boost the functioning of the device, Nox security must be your ideal decision. How to Download and Install Nox Security Nox Security 1.7.6 Download [26.81MB] At first, … Read more

V Recorder 3.6.9 Download | Latest Version [26.63MB]

v recorder

V Recorder is recorded as a most popular screen recorder for many gameplays, live shows, live chats and etc. There are many unique features in this application. Rooting is not needed. There are smart editing tools to edit videos quickly and easily. And there are a few other interesting features too. All these features make … Read more

Google Home APK Download | Latest Version [12.28MB]

google home apk

Google Home Apk is one application to set up, manage, and control your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and Google Home devices. Simply browse trending content from your Chromecast-enabled applications. Users can search in terms of content by a film, Television program, or actor. This application was developed by Google inc. How to Download and Install Google … Read more

Wifi Kill Apk 2.3.2 Download | Latest Version [485KB]

wifi kill

WIFI Kill APK is an application that would allow having a quick and unfailing WIFI connection possible even with public networks. Having a safe as well as quick internet connection are the most important two factors there to be for a well-functioning connection. In today’s world wifi is considered to be a mandatory need. Because … Read more

Google Keep Download | Latest Version [13.1MB]

google keep

Google Keep is a handy small application that helps you to have the records and provide integration with Google Drive. This has a very simple GUI to practice and it is colorful. These colors are really tools that let it is pretty simple to inform the personal notes separately from the work-related notes, or else note … Read more

SplenDO APK 3.140 Download | Latest Version [4.82MB]

splendo apk

SplenDO APK is a handy task list created for daily use. So internationally it is very much significant, and it gives a greater user experience. This application creates you like a well-organized person. The most outstanding benefit of SplenDO APK is to organize leisure time in a meaningful manner. Users can organize their day while … Read more

Filmigo Video Maker 4.5.1 Download | Latest Version [25.71MB]

filmigo video maker

Filmigo Video Maker is an application to edit videos. This app offers various video editing tools. It offers another feature called slideshow maker to create elegant and attractive videos, attractive images and vlog. This is an expert editing application, which gives users the perfect tools for users to cutting, merging, trimming, splitting, duplicating, compressing the … Read more

IP Tools APK 8.14 Download | Latest Version [11.67MB]

ip tools apk

IP Tools APK is a valuable method for speeding up and setting up networks. Aids to detect any computer network trouble, identify IP addresses and improve network activity quickly. It is a must to have a device for any customer, network administrator and IT professional. How to Download and Install IP Tools APK IP Tools … Read more

Clean Master APK 7.4.6 Download | Latest Version [21.7MB]

clean master apk

Clean Master APK name itself emphasizes as a Cleaner. This is an application that is able to make one’s Android phone always clean and well-functioning. Due to its number of improving features, users can remove cache from the Android device and entirely clear the history of the phone. How to Download and Install Clean Master … Read more

PictureThis APK 1.29.1 Download | Latest Version [25.9MB]

picturethis apk

PictureThis APK lets you identify any plant using the camera on the Android device. One and only thing that users should do is focus the camera on the required plant, get a picture, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll know what type of flora you’re looking at. PictureThis APK has the ability to recognize … Read more

The Benefits Of Having Mobile App KPI’s

Having an app is an ongoing process, after the development phase you have to check the numbers and user comments to track your app’s performance and update the necessary features. An app’s performance depends heavily on its analytics and metrics, so having mobile app kpis is really important.  Let’s start by identifying the most important … Read more

Purify APK Download | Latest Version [9.44MB]

purify apk

Losing battery daily after fully charging makes you uncomfortable. Because of this matter, you may miss important things in your work, such as missed a call, missed a nice capture, delayed checking mails, and many more thousands of responsibilities and necessary duties. But no more you have to suffer from these. Now you can use … Read more

DU Battery Saver Download | Latest Version [14.8MB]

du battery saver

The low battery of your mobile device causes thousands of problems. So it is better to have a battery saver with smart mobile devices to increase the device battery life. DU Battery Saver is the best solution for users as now you can use this to save your battery with the best performances. So now, … Read more

iClean APK 1.3.3 Download | Latest Version [15.8MB]

iclean apk

iClean apk allows users to clean the device memory to cover up issues. When your device becomes laggy or freezes, if the device overheats, does not have enough space for further savings or installs, to make your device faster, clean the device, optimize, and for many other purposed iClean apk is the only recommended solution … Read more

Allcast APK Download | Latest Version [31.13MB]

allcast apk

Allcast Apk is a previously and Android-based application. But know it can connect with a wide variety of device categories such as iOS and many more.  This is the best way to stream from local and cloud-based storage alike. So now Allcast apk is freely available and users have the freedom to download it from … Read more

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