Run Cow Run Android Game

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Run Cow Run

Have you ever experienced fun playing kid’s games? Well, I have. And it is super fun. Run Cow Run is a super funny game and as well as a super addictive game. All you got to do is help the cow to run for her freedom. The cow is on the farm, and the cow is going to be meat very soon. In order to save the cow’s life, you should make her free from the farmer that comes running to hunt her. Help her escape from the farmer and free her soul.

The story, or else the plot of this game is, the little cow one day realizes what really happens to the animals and her other friendly cows who live on the farm. This disastrous situation makes her escape the farm before life gets killed. So she runs! She runs while her farmer comes running behind, trying to catch her. Never ever give the farmer to catch this little cow. Her life is in your hands. Make sure that the cow doesn’t get killed.

The cow doesn’t run alone. She sets all the other animals on the farm before she takes her first move. She rescues all the animals that were trapped in cages and sets them all free.

She jumps over the obstacles such as fences, rocks, and stuff; she slides under windmills and runs until she doesn’t see the vicious farmer.

You can install this game on Android TV boxes too. Use your default app store. If you are unable to install this game using default app store you can try using Filelinked or Aptoide TV. It is like using AC Market for Android phones.

Make the cow collect coins so she will be rewarded with power-ups which eventually help her run faster and easily reach towards her freedom. There will be unique power ups that will help the cow to move faster. Collect more coins and choose the fastest power up to run faster.

Features of the Run Cow Run Game Application

  • Run Cow Run is a free game, and you don’t have to pay a fee to play this game.
  • This is an amazing 2D graphic game that will give you goose bumps whenever the farmer tries to catch the little cow.
  • Run Cow Run is a smooth game play where you can smoothly play without a single doubt.
  • You will be offered different and unique power ups to make the cow go faster than the farmer. These power ups also give unique talents to the cow, such as wings so the cow can fly whenever there are obstacles in the ground.
  • This game play supports your Android TV. You now have the chance to play on your TV rather than playing it on your same boring smart phone. You can control the movements using a remote controller, D Pad, or a joystick. But a joystick is not necessarily needed if you got a game controller.
  • You will also provide an extra game called New Flappy Cow Mini Game. Now you have two games instead of one. So make sure you play both the games and make yourself happy.


Run Cow Run is an award winning game and was once awarded as the best running game in the app market. The thing which makes our eyes water is that the game is inspired by the true story of cows. The game application has been offered by Bengigi and has officially released on the 28th of January 2013. The Run Cow Run game has been popular among the world, and almost that 5 million people have got this download in to their devices. So, why don’t you give it a try too? Just give some and save the little cow’s life. If you want to run this game at full speed, use game booster application like Clean Master. Clean Master can free your RAM and CPU by closing all other unwanted applications and processers.

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