The Benefits Of Having Mobile App KPI’s

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Having an app is an ongoing process, after the development phase you have to check the numbers and user comments to track your app’s performance and update the necessary features. An app’s performance depends heavily on its analytics and metrics, so having mobile app kpis is really important.  Let’s start by identifying the most important mobile app kpis and then continue with listing the benefits of having mobile app KPI’s.

Top Mobile App KPI’s to Look Closely

  • App Downloads & Active Users
  • Retention Rate & Uninstalls
  • App Session & Session Length
  • App Rating & Reviews
  • Lifetime Value
  • Load Time

Benefits of Having Mobile App KPI’s

Quantifiable results. Setting effective Key Performance Indicators are always key to working efficiently and achieving success. KPI’s are measurable and quantifiable, this helps them provide actionable informations. By keeping track of the mobile app KPI’s, you can find the problems, problematic areas and ways to fixing them more easily.

Alignment toward common goals. KPI’s keeps the organization focused on the common goals. You just have to set the correct KPI’s in place and correctly communicate them. Usually, alligning different teams within an organization is one of the hardest tasks you face. And when you are developing an app, alligning the developer team and marketing team is crucial, setting mobile app KPI’s help achieving allignment toward common goal.

Directs behaviour. When employees know their performance is being measured, they adjust their performance. That’s why setting a realistic goal and checking it regaularly is beneficial.

Improves decision making. To make better and quicker decisions, you have to know the current factual data. Setting mobile app KPI’s and tracking them helps you make informed and therefore better decisions.

Determining on mobile app KPI’s has the power to communicate the progress of a company towards its setted performance goals. The benefits of having mobile app KPI’s include but are not limited to qualifiable results, allignment toward common goal, result-driven and improved decision making. And setting up regular mobile app KPI reporting activies is also beneficial. It is instant, transparent and always accessible.

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