TinyTask – Free Computer Process Automation App (2021)

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TinyTask is a free automation software application designed for Microsoft Windows operating system users.

The application has been used by many individuals as well as enterprise-level users.


The main reason is that the Tiny Task is such software that everyone can learn it without any complications.

Why Many Companies Use TinyTask Automation Software?

There are many reasons why the TinyTask app has become one of the favorite computer activities automation among many PC users.

The main reason is that it is easy to use and simple to understand.

When it comes to using this software on the Enterprise level, many computer owners choose this software is because they can use it on any computer without having to buy a license key.

If you take other Automation software like UI Path, BluePrism, etc., they are highly expensive and difficult to learn for an average computer user.

In that case, the TinyTask application is one of the best solutions for them because, on the one hand, it’s free, and on the other hand, it’s easy to understand and use.

For example, let’s say you have an IT company. So there could be many repetitive works like data entry jobs.

As result, you will have to spend many of your staff hours on those tasks every day.

This will cost you a lot because you have to pay salaries for your staff for data entry tasks.

Instead of doing that, you can introduce the TinyTask automation application for your company and staff.

So that, It will help you to automate almost all of your data entry jobs and keep your staff away from those boring jobs.

Further, TinyTask software can increase your company’s efficiency by cutting down the amount of time spent on automated jobs.

So that, you can assign other tasks to your employees.

In that, way the amount of workload completed per month will get significantly increased.

Ultimately, the Tiny Task Automation tool can help you boost your company’s bottom line by increasing the efficiency of your company.

How to Download and Install TinyTask Application

As we have mentioned earlier, TinyTask is a freeware software application that is available to download on many Windows app repositories.

Further, you can install it on any number of computers, and you do not need a license key to use it.

The TinyTask application installation process is so simple, and you can complete that process by following the on-screen instructions.

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