TokoVOIP – The Best TeamSpeak Plugin For FiveM to Play GTA V

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TokoVOIP is a great TeamSpeak tool that is designed for the FiveM, the popular modifications that come for Grand Theft Auto V.

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If you want to experience some unique features that are not included in the FiveM’s features on default, TokoVOIP is here for you.

Therefore, it can also be described as a great enhancement tool that is ever developed for the FiveM that you can use for free of charge.

TokoVOIP Features

More advanced voice chat feature

Providing you with more advanced voice chat as an alternative to the default FiveM voice chat option is the primary feature of the TokoVOIP plugin.

You can experience higher quality audio with the TokoVOIP plugin, and it also provides more control for the users to have a better gameplay experience.

Neutralizing the proximity effect

If your microphone is placed closer to the source of the sound, it can increase the bass or lower the frequency response.

But if you have the TokoVOIP plugin installed, it has the ability to balance it with the proximity-based audio feature.

Voice spread reduction

FiveM did not provide good control over the “voice spread” on its default features for the users.

However, you can easily control and reduce the spread of the voice using the directional audio feature of TokoVOIP.

And there are many more features, including radio effects, radio calls, radio system, radio clicks, etc.

How to download and install TokoVOIP?

Downloading and installation process is simple.

Step 1 – download WebSockets server, FiveM and TeamSpeak plugin

Step 2 – install the TeamSpeak 3 plugin and then the TokoVOIP plugin on it.

Step 3 – connect the installed TokoVOIP plugin with the FiveM server and TS3 server.

Step 4 – then join the appropriate TeamSpeak 3 channel.

It is important to keep in mind that you have to be in the game at the moment for the Team Speak 3 plugin to be connected.

How to set up WebSockets server?

Step 1 – extract the downloaded ws-server into the FiveM folder.

Step 2 – change the “TSServer” to your iPv4 Team Speak server after opening “ws_server/config.js”.

Step 3  open ws_server in the server console of FiveM.

Step 4 – copy “IP:PORT”  in the console of Team Spean and then “ Listening on” and save it.

How to set up the TokoVOIP plugin with FiveM?

Step 1 – extract the downloaded TokoVOIP script to the source folder of FiveM.

STEP 2 – open “tokovoip_scrit/c_config.Lua” and edit “wsServer” with “IP.PORT”

Step 3 – edit and match “TSChannel” with Team Speak configurations.

Step 4 – rename the channel as “Tokovoip” on TS server.

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