WairCut – Best Wireless Network Auditing Software for Your PC

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WairCut is an essential app for computer users who have connected their PCs to Wireless networks.

Are you worried about the safety of your wireless network? Do you want your wireless connection to be protected from any type of vulnerabilities and cyberattacks?

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Then, this awesome software application, “Waircut” can protect your wireless connection with some advanced features.

Waircut Software is a network auditing software that is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating system.

Why is it so important to use a software application like Waircut?

Everybody has easy access to the internet nowadays. And most internet users are using home wireless networks to connect their devices to the internet.

Therefore, your computer, smartphone, tablet, IP camera, voice assistance, or even your TV might be connected to a home wireless network, and that is why you need software like Waircut.

And there’s a problem that comes with this because of its increases the chances of cyberattacks on your devices.

The security magazine says that there are more than 2,200 cyberattacks per day in the United States alone, and this number can get much higher when it comes worldwide.

However, there are some easy actions you can take to prevent your network from getting attacked.

This is when a software application like “Waircut” can be your best protection against any vulnerabilities.

Waircut Software Features

Waircut performs a deep scan of every wireless network available for different protocols to ensure that WPS protocols are enabled for all.

Waircut Software throws different types of attacks to your router, providing different solutions to the issues it detects after auditing it.

You are offered so many compatible pins with a dedicated database for that, which can be very useful.

Further, you can save the budget you have to put on hiring professionals for this task since you can do it all yourself.

  • Waircut has the supportability to 8 different languages.
  • It has a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • This application is suitable for both home-level users and enterprise-level users.
  • It has the supportability of an algorithm that generates WPS pins.
  • This is one of the most used network auditing software that is available.

How to download and install Waircut?

Waircut is designed to work with Windows operating system, and you can install this application on Windows 10, 8 and 7

Further, the installation requires you to Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your PC as well.

Once the installer file has been downloaded to your PC, you have to extract it, then run the waircut.exe file.

Then you will find the app in the folder that you have extracted.

And finally, you must download the JumpStart network management software in order to run this application on your PC.

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