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By the name itself, any reader would be able to identify the use of the Xrecorder. Here there are more unique features included in the Xrecorder apk. 


What is the Xrecorder apk? 

The Xrecorder have specially designed only for the android device users. Experience full of joy by using the Xrecorder apk. However the Xrecorder is the best screen recorder that anyone can used for free. At anytime the screen recorder will help any user to capture the screen. Here the screen recorder helps everyone to record their screen very smoothly. Although the screenshots and screen videos captured in the easiest way. The users of the Xrecorder app would never miss any important live moment any day. The following are some specific unique factors that own only for the Xrecorder apk. 

What are the features of the Xrecorder apk? 

Capturing screen records very smoothly 

That is the main use provided by the Xrecorder. When the recorder is working very smoothly the users would be appealing to use. Always Xrecorder will offer the best output to its users. 

Never miss any important thing 

While using this Xrecorder apk, any user won’t miss anything special. That is because the Xrecorder apk allows it’s users to record anything. Just, for example, anyone would record the gameplay happening on the screen. Also, record any important video call or any other live event that is taking place within the device. 

Video editor 

Aside from the video recorder, the Xrecorder provides its service as a video editor too. Therefore after recording the screen recordings and the screenshots, there are multiple edits that could be performed. There are tools just like merging and trimming. Even the speed of the videos could be adjusted. If the user want to move the video very quickly or slowly, that is very easy. 

No rooting needed 

In order to use this Xrecorder apk, the device won’t need to be rooted. That is an advantage by the Xrecorder apk. 

No watermark 

Record the videos very smoothly. Even that is very clear. After recording these screen records the watermark is not showing. Enjoy the videos without any watermark. 

With the facecam feature

The Xrecorder can be used with the Facecam too. By enabling the Facecam the device the expressions of the device user can be clearly examined. That is very funny while gameplay. Easily record the facial expressions. 

xrecorder apk

How to install Xrecorder apk? 

 There are only a few steps that have to be followed to install the Xrecorder. 

  • Search the name of the Xrecorder by the Google play store 
  • Then simply press the install tab 
  • Within a small time period, the Xrecorder would be downloaded to your device 
  • Then work with the app while feeling free 

How to use Xrecorder apk? 

After installation of the app just presses the start button. Then the recording will start. Pause it where the user wants and resume at the situations user want. 

FAQs of Xrecorder apk? 

Q: What are the requirements for the Xrecorder apk? 

A: In order to work with the Xrecorder apk, each and every user required a device along with the android version 5.0 and upwards. 

Q: Is this Xrecorder safe to use? 

A: Yes, it is, Xrecorder can be used very safely. It is privacy protective. Therefore it ensures the safety of the users. 

Q: Is this app for free? 

A: Yes, this is an app that offers its service totality free. Therefore the users don’t need to be worried. Use all the amusing features of it freely. All facts are related to the Xrecorder apk. Try it once and check is t

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