YouTube Vanced 14.06.54 Apk Free Download For Android

YouTube Vanced is an amazing YouTube client which you can use instead of the YouTube App. This app has more features than the Normal YouTube app like background play, no ads, and many more.

youtube vanced apk

Nowadays YouTube is one of the main social media on the internet. Also, it is the largest video sharing site in the world too. So lots of videos are sharing daily. You can find any type of videos such as Education, Funny, Entertainment, News etc.

Google is the owner of YouTube and they have created an App for easy browsing of videos. So instead of using a web browser you can easily log in to the YouTube and browse videos as you want with the help of the app. This app is always in the Android smartphones OS default.

But the problem is this app contains all the Google Ads and it has no background play option. So if you minimize the app, the video will pause. So if you are listening to a song on YouTube it will be paused.

As a solution to that problem, YouTube Vanced came to the fore. This app has more features than the Regular YouTube app. You can download YouTube Vanced app for free too.

YouTube Vanced Download

App NameYouTube Vanced
APK version14.06.54
APK size63.36 MB
Android SupportsAndroid 4.0+

YouTube Vanced 14.06.54 Download

Micro G Download

  1. Installing YouTube Vanced to your Android smartphone is very easy. First, you need to have an Android smartphone which has Android 4.0+ OS.
  2. Enable Unknown sources to your Android device in the vanced latest
  3. Then go to the link above and download YouTube Vanced Apk for free.

For rooted devices

  1. Go the directory of the downloaded file and open vanced apk download
  2. Finish the installation by following the instructions on the vanced update
  3. Complete the vanced non root

For non-rooted devices

  1. Download the Micro G YouTube Apk from the above link for vanced microg
  2. Install it to your vanced download apk
  3. Then download and install YouTube Vanced Apk as in above.


YouTube Vanced Features

This incredible YouTube Vanced app has all the normal YouTube app features and lots of advanced features than the regular YT App. Some of them as follows.

  • Ability to block all the annoying Ads – Every time you open YouTube you will get annoying ads. But hereafter you will not get those anymore.
  • Background Video Play option – This is one of the main features of the app. When you play a video on YouTube and minimize it, your video will continue to play with the audio. You can use it with the lock screen too. Also, you can disable this option.
  • Video Zoom Feature – You can zoom the videos. Support for all the devices.
  • Ability to change the themes – There are few themes as Black, Dark, and White
  • Pip Feature – You can watch two videos at once using Picture in Picture mode.
  • Ability to change video resolutions of all videos.

youtube vanced app

More About The App

First, YouTube Vanced app was a simple YouTube client which has a background playback option. The founder of the app is Master T who is an XDA Developer and Contributor. After the popularity of the app, some other developers bought this app and made some advanced changes to the app and launched the app again. That new name is YouTube Vanced. This means YouTube Advanced.

This app has millions of downloads all over the world. This is the most popular YouTube client so far. The best thing about the app is you can download this app for free. So instead of using the regular few featured YouTube app, you can use YouTube Vanced app with more features and more easy navigation.


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